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At Robison Lifesaving, I provide fully-certified first aid classes to the general public in Independence and the surrounding area, covering all aspects of first aid for people in injured or critical conditions. My training courses are designed for people with no previous first aid experience, and are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of basic first aid procedures. Knowledge of first aid is something that could make a difference between life and death, so give me a call on +16788793082 and educate yourself with my first aid training courses.

Training for Employees

First aid in the workplace is important, and there are many instances where a company or organisation requires its employees to undergo first aid training before commencing work. If this is the case, I can offer training courses for company employees, on individual and team levels. If you're an employee, make sure not to skimp on any first aid training you may be required to take it could be the difference between staying cool in an emergency and not having the slightest idea what to do.

My Classes

I offer different classes for first aid training based on your choice and schedule. I understand that you have other things and as a result, I have tailored my classes in ways that can be easy for you. My instructors are knowledgeable and have incredible expertise in the field to allow you to get the best of the learning in little time. The classes are structured in simple, easily digestible portions to help you learn at your own pace.


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